Hey there,

Curious about me, eh?

Well, my name’s Edwin Lopez, I’m an aries, and I love comics! You probably do too if you’re here reading this. So we have that in common.

Anyways, yeah I write comics and sometimes I color and/or letter them too.

I have a regular job, like most people, but in my free time I like coming up with stuff and working with people to make them real. There’s no better feeling than seeing something that was just an idea in your head come to life. But that just might be me.

On my site you’ll find a bunch of short comics that I’ve collaborated on with some really talented artists. I’ve focused mainly on short work so far but you’ll start seeing some longer stuff from me pretty soon. Should be good and exciting so keep coming back to the site to see what I’m up to.

contact: ealopez007@gmail.com

Past work

2016 Marvelo: Monarch of Magicians writer, letterer Not Forgotten anthology
2016 Tugg writer, letterer Self-published
2016 La Cucaracha writer, letterer Stache Publishing
2016 Martyr writer, gray tones, letterer Alterna Comic
2016 The Bad Beat writer, letterer Self-published
2016 Ice Cold writer, letterer Under the Streelight anthology
2016 Jimmy and the mantis writer, colorist, letterer self-published
2016 Black Star writer, colorist, letterer self-published